A trusted supplier for over 20 years
to the worlds top 10 cable manufacturing companies

Cables play a vital role in our modern world

Since 1995, Indore has been a company driven by innovation at its core. Known for its pioneer work in the field of fibre reinforced plastic rods(FRP), Indore Composite has since then diversified into various product categories for cable protection including Gels, coated glass fibers, Tapes & Yarns.

By combining knowledge, technology and talented individuals we have overcome many milestones and created a company that offers innovative products in cable protection and support to industry leaders across the world. We are known for our consistent quality, solution driven approach and reliability across all continents of the world.

Indore has also become the first manufacturer of LFT compounds in India for the automotive & engineering industry under the brand RePlet. Its state of the art manufacturing facility for the same at Ambernath, Maharashtra was set up in technical collaboration with Plasticomp, LLC, USA.

All Indore Composite plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified with over 16,000 sq.mtrs of constructed building spread in 3 locations within India [ Mukesh Sanghvi ] with over 500 empolyees.

INDORE started its journey in 1995 as a start up, and today is a global leader in cable reinforcements.

This has been possible with the right combination of vision, values & perseverance. I have always believed in and promoted inclusive growth. At Indore we work with each stakeholder, be it a customer, vendor, employee or shareholder, as a valued partner.

Building a world-class organization with a global outlook is the key to our future growth and today every single action undertaken by every single member of our organization is a deliberate move in that direction.

WeWe envision the four pillars for future growth to be customer orientation, innovation, solid value system & predictability. A world-class organization and constant innovation. INDORE will continue to maintain and improve its global leadership in cable materials through a customer driven approach supported by innovation and consistency. Our team has promised to always keep the customer first and we will continuously try to not just match but also consistently exceed their expectations.

Mr. Mukesh Sanghvi

Managing Director

Approvals & 3rd Party Recognition

CACT , India


ISO 9001:2000

British Telecom ( BT )


Reliance Telecom



French Telecom

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To become the Market Leader in Supply of Cable Material Solution, Globally with Customer Delight by providing highest quality material at lowest cost based on innovation, consistency and timeliness.

A rich history in Engineering

  • Establishment -Trading of FRP Rods

  • Manufacturing plant of FRP rod ( Pithampur )

  • 1st expansion of FRP lines ( Pithampur )

  • 1st Export of FRP Rods

  • Set up CGFR Lines ( Pithampur )

  • Established LFT compounding plant ( Ambernath )

  • Set up Gel plant ( Umergaon )

  • Commissioned new CGFR lines ( Ambernath )

  • Commissioned Tape Line

  • Water Sellable Yarn, Coated Steel Wire

  • UpJacketing and ARP Line