FRP Product Range

INDOSEM Bend insensitive FRP Rod
INDOLINE WBWater blocking FRP Rod
INDOLINE STL- Steel embedded FRP Rod

FRP Rods

Glass fiber reinforced rods are made with Indores proprietory INDOLINE technology and high heat resistant resin. These rods can be used both as central and peripheral strength member in multi tube, uni tube, slotted core, drop cable, FTTx cable etc.
Key Properties of INDOLINE
  • High modulus and tensile strength keeps the fiber strain below 0.25 % during the cable lifespan.
  • Available in diameter ranging from 0.3 mm to 6.0 mm
  • Narrow dimensional tolerance of diameter and ovality
  • Minimum Bend Radius provides flexibility with the right amount of anti-buckling
  • Superior Long term aging property - Indicates long term survival in severe conditions
  • Adhesion with wide variety of jacket material
  • Longer lengths per spool – low scrap and higher line efficiency