Infrastructure & Capabilities

Indore has one of the largest rod manufacturing facilities globally which allows it to have a very fast response time especially in emergency situations.

Our customer/market driven approach has warranted a separate team for research and development in each of our business divisions and our company is committed to invest in R&D and better products.
Our vast in-house testing facilities continuously allow the generation of innovative ideas and products. Indore’s USP being it has the capability to offer the widest range of cables materials such as FRP , ARP ,
coated glass fibres , tapes , yarns and gels etc from its 3 manufacturing facilities within India at Pithampur , Ambernath & Umergaon, and 1 in Morocco with over 700+ employees. Product quality is monitored right from the incoming material till the product reaches the customer.
Adoption of new technology and continuous improvement in products give an edge to our overall performance.Our dedicated and inventive team is continuously working to support fast changing global requirements.
Plant 1 Pithampur, MP.
Plant 2 Ambernath, MH.
Plant 3 Umergoan, GJ.
Plant 4 Tangier, Morocco.
Smart Manufacturing
  • Digital transformation of operation
  • ERP – Commercial and Manufacturing
  • Automation & SCADA
    • – Real time monitoring & Control
    • – Assured Quality Compliance - SOP as per Customer compliance - Product Code
    • – Process Cycle Management - Golden Batch Concept for Improvement
    • – Fail Safe Design - Reliability, Less Human Interface
    • – Easy Diagnostics for Maintenance - high MTBF & low MTTR
    • – Data Acquisition - For Analysis & Future improvements