Indore's gel manufacturing unit is a joint venture between Indore Composite, India and Info Gel, USA. Our collaborators are reputed for their pioneering work in all types of cable gel for over 30 years and very recently the joint venture ( Indore Gel, India ) has succeeded in developing a special OPGW and Sub-marine cable gel.
We make gels for tube filling and flooding compounds that can withstand temperatures as low as - 70oC to 85oC on the higher side. The filling gel goes inside the buffer tubes, giving the cable a cushion layer and protection from water. The Flooding gel is applied to the exterior of the tube and forms a strong shield against water ingress in the cables.
Cable Filling Gel
  • Gel for Lose tube Cable (-40 oC to -70 oC)
  • Gel for OPGW Cable
  • Gel for Ribbon Cable
  • Gel for Sub-marine Cable
Cable Flooding Gel
  • Flooding Gel
  • Water Swellable Flooding Gel