Engineering Plastics

Melt pultrusion technology from Plasticomp LLC

The technology behind this innovation

The manufacturing process uses Melt pultrusion technology from Plasticomp LLC which was founded by Steve Bowen, a pioneer in long fibre thermoplastics and renowned globally for his innovations. Compared to wire coating,
this technology allows better fibre wet out, hence better part level surface finish and long term mechanical performance. Our LFT Composites are made using World Class Equipment including K-Tron Coperion gravimetric feeder technology.


Why opt for RePlet LFT Compounds?

  • Leaner design compared to short glass compounds
  • Customised grades for a variety of applications
  • Made in India using the best ingredients from around the world
  • Lower lead times and logistic costs
  • Lower material and part cost
  • Additional savings on duties compared to imports

A wide variety or resin options to choose from

  • Our RePlet range of long fiber compounds can be produced with a variety options
  • Base Resins - PP, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PBT, TPU
  • Fibres - Glass , Carbon
  • Functional Properties - UV, Heat, Scratch, Impact, Hydrolysis resistance

A popular choice for auto parts
demanding light weight and strength